Sallie Gardner at a Gallop: first ever moving picture

Directed by: Eadweard Muybridge

This blog post talks about a significant film for a movie enthusiast and all those who likes to study cinema, it is often mentioned as the first silent film ever made, I have even read people mentioning "Sallie Gardner at a Gallop" as the first ever "Motion Picture".

There are 2 common reactions I have read about this short film; one simply questions the inclusion of this work in films because it is hardly even 1 minute and has no plot or something and the other talks about its significance in cinema which is followed by longer silent films with a plot and then into advanced form of films with a story and dialogues leading a way to full fledged technically sound films.

This is a work that includes 24 picture shots of a horse used in continuous succession to make it look like a moving picture, thus the name Motion Picture.

it is actually unfair to rate this on any scale. Just know that it is something that led to the discovery of every new aspect of cinema that came in the next 135 years. So, the next time you praise cinemas and talk about its greatness, don't forget that this is how it all started.