AtoZ Theme Reveal Post: A Cinematic Fest ahead

On April 1st 2014, some hundreds of bloggers around the globe will take part in the AtoZ Challenge 2014. This challenge is like a blog marathon where the bloggers need to write everyday in the month of April. 

It is called an AtoZ Challenge because the first post will be a topic starting with the Letter A, the second post will be about something starting with B and in the same way the last post will be about Z. 

Then there is the blog-break, which is the Sundays. 

So no blogging on Sundays, that will leave for us exactly 26 days to blog. So covering a letter a day is what we basically need to do.

Associated with the same there was another segment called the Theme reveal post, which was scheduled for 21st March, that is today. The bloggers need to write a post explaining the theme of the blogs they will write in the month of April.

Since this is a movie blog, I believe I don't have to talk about a theme. Obviously my posts will be about movies. But let's talk about the theme within the theme.

Basically my blog contains reviews of the movies from the west, but during this challenge, I am planning to write more about Hindi films and foreign language films. Basically, I don't watch commercial films but the ones which have more critical reception. So, you will get to read reviews of some critically acclaimed masterpiece from the world cinema.

Some films will be the latest ones [by latest everything after 1990 is latest for me] whereas some will be old classics. I will also write about my favorite form of films, that is the silent cinema. Silent films used to be ingeniously great and this is the right opportunity to discuss those brilliant films.

There will be some Indian films which the audience trashed, but they were actually good; I will include some of those as well. Sometimes I may come up with Trivial posts; I love Trivia, they are usually fascinating, so I will try to fascinate my readers as well.

I believe, you got a idea of what you are going to witness at THE MOVIE GEEK's BLOG during the month of April. Please bookmark this blog and come back in April, there will be a cinematic fest. 

if you want to take part in this challenge, you can do it HERE

-Amrit Rukhaiyaar